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Who we are

Il Nodo (The Knot) is a connection between two cultures that work together – bringing the best of both – to create an environment where young Cambodians are nourished and educated in life skills so they can have better futures.

What we do with donations

All of the money we raise – every penny – is used to finance our various projects, mainly those that educate and train young Cambodians.

The goal is to improve their present circumstances, but above all, to give them the tools and skills needed to enhance their futures. This is why we like to call our work “life design.”

Who we are

The founders of Il Nodo are designers who recognized the beauty of the great Khmer artistic tradition and its potential to help younger generations build on that foundation.

Design is a powerful innovator: it feeds creativity and stimulates students to enhance their innate artisan skills, which allows them to produce unique products of greater aesthetic and formal quality.

With Life design, we have created a concrete way to help workers: artistic objects are more salable and more suitable for the international market. As a result, local artisans are increasingly in demand.

Social design becomes a school

La Bottega dell’Arte puts life design into practice as a tool to enhance the Khmer identity and offer new opportunities to young people.

 The students learn how to process raw materials from local masters; and they realize creativity and innovation from internationally renowned designers.

The Bottega experience enhances their history and provides skills that will allow them to thrive in the modern world, leaving poverty behind.

Support Il Nodo

An act that can improve the living conditions of many children and their families.

Sostieni Il Nodo

Un gesto che può migliorare le condizioni di vita di molti bambini e delle loro famiglie.

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