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The other Projects

The other Projects

Clean water and school

Objectives of the project
Improve family health and guarantee the right to education of children living in isolated villages and without access to drinking water.
The situation in Cambodia
In rural areas, the population is largely illiterate. Children have to leave school early to contribute to family survival. Only 8.3% of the rural population has access to water from the aqueduct, and infant mortality under the age of 5 is 47.4 children per 1000 (CIA World Factbook 2017).
A chain to break
A large part of the population draws water from filthy ponds and waterways. Drinking non-potable water causes numerous illnesses and delays child development. And when people are ill, they do not go to school or work, thus contributing to more ignorance and poverty.
Our project

Since 2009, we have:

  • Built wells
  • Provided water purification filters
  • Held courses in proper hygiene and the use of the water filters
  • Provided health checks for all children
  • Delivered food and hygiene products
  • In return, we ask parents to guarantee their children’s school attendance.
A long-lasting solution
We follow up with families who are receiving our help. We visit them monthly to check their cleanliness and use of their filter, their overall health. We also review school attendance records and discuss how the children are progressing at school. This helps us guarantee an immediate improvement in living conditions and sets the stage for a long-term solution to reverse illiteracy and poverty.
The numbers of the project
  • 1050 water purification filters
  • 750 families, for a total of 2500 children
  • 2 elementary schools, for a total of 487 children

Children behind bars

Objectives of the project
Improve the living conditions of children who live in prison with their mothers and guarantee them their fundamental rights.
The situation in Cambodia
In Cambodia, many children live in prison with their mothers. They are often born in a cell and are not registered in the birth registry. They are not vaccinated, do not go to school and do not receive adequate nutrition. They spend the day in overcrowded cells, without the possibility of being outdoors, thus developing rickets and other physical illnesses, as well as psychological problems.
Our project

Since 2012, Il Nodo guarantees children:

  • Registration in the national vaccination program
  • Health care, with monthly medical checkups
  • Support for proper nutrition and hygiene with monthly deliveries of food and cleaning products
  • Play-study rooms outside the cells, where they can spend the day attended by an assistant
  • To pregnant inmates, we guarantee:
  • Safe delivery at the hospital,
  • Monthly medical checkups,
  • Monthly food deliveries.

Following the intervention of Il Nodo, the conditions of the children inside prison have changed: the little guests are healthy, well fed and lively as all children should be.

The numbers of the project
From 2012 to today, Il Nodo has supported:
  • 557 children
  • 434 pregnant inmates

Children in the orphanage

Objectives of the project
Improve the living conditions of children and young people living in orphanages and boost their skills and abilities so they can successfully return to society and be productive workers.
The situation in Cambodia
Children living in orphanages receive minimal support from the Public Administration – not even enough for two meals a day.
Our project
We provide children and teenagers, from Kompong Thom and Kompong Speu Government orphanages, with everything they need for school, as well as courses in music, dance, basketball and football. All of these activities are designed to stimulate emotional and physical growth and help them learn how to establish positive relationships. We remain by the side of the older children when they leave the institute alone and without reference points.
The numbers of the project
From 2015 to today: 600 children and young people have benefited from the nourishment and skills learned in the orphanage.

Donate a Filter to a family in the village

Since 2009, with the “Clean Water and School” program, IL NODO has been providing water purification filters to families in villages who do not have access to drinking water. Together with the filter, IL NODO organizes hygiene courses and deliveries of food and products for hygiene in exchange for school attendance of children. Over 1,050 filters have been distributed to date, but the situation in rural areas is still critical for most of the rural population.
COST OF THE PROJECT: € 250.00 per family

Support Il Nodo

An act that can improve the living conditions of many children and their families.

Sostieni Il Nodo

Un gesto che può migliorare le condizioni di vita di molti bambini e delle loro famiglie.

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